The New Qdoba Rewards Program is Awful

Qdoba recently released a completely revamped rewards system, a new mobile app with a digital wallet (no more physical card!) and a new scheme of point tiers for food and beverage rewards.  And what better way to reward people that have followed your business than to nearly triple the amount of time it takes to earn the same reward.  Can you feel my excitement?

To be fair, it seems that you can earn points per the dollar now rather than just earning points for entrees.  That means that drinks you buy and cookies you splurge on will now get you a little closer to that chicken burrito half stuffed with guac you’ve been thinking about all day.  Gone are the days, however, of buy ten get one free.

And to be fair again, ever since I left my retail job that was quite literally next door to Qdoba I haven’t frequented one more than once a month.  My business probably isn’t what their focus is after, but even visiting once a month for a year I would still be able to score a order of chicken nachos once a year.  That made up for the decreasing quality of birthday coupons at the very least.  I remember when a birthday used to score you a free entree, now it’s the same coupon that you get in the mail (my last one was a BOGO entree.)

I’m still going to use the system and I’m still going to get my free entree once 2018 rolls around and I’ve accumulated my points because god damn if their food isn’t tasty, but It’s still disappointing considering how much their were toting the new system in their emails.

Now I have to figure out how to get the 1400 free points they were supposedly crediting people’s accounts with as they transitioned to their new program.

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How to Disable Facebook Video Autoplay on iOS for Less Data Usage

No PlayLast month I absolutely blew through the data cap on my phone.  We’re talking more than 3GB used before the 20th of the month.  I was a little perturbed, even when I was using an elliptical three times a week and streaming Supernatural for an hour each session I still wasn’t going over my limit.  How was it then, that being lazy was causing me to use more data?  I began the hunt.

It turns out that not too long ago Facebook began to play videos automatically as part of one of their marketing changes.  Although they begin to play without sound, the videos still chewed up my bandwidth unnecessarily.  Not only just on my data network, but on my wireless as well.  I’m one of the few poor unfortunate souls in the U.S. that actually has a data cap on their home internet (150GB for $50 a month, 6MbPS.  Suck it Bloom Broadband.)  Thankfully there’s a way to turn it off.

  1. Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone (or iPad, because the same issues can happen here too.)
  2. Scroll down and tap on Facebook.
  3. Now tap on Settings.
  4. Under the Video section you can do one of two things (well, three but I prefer these two):
    • Choose Wi-fi only to have the videos only autoplay while you’re connected to wi-fi
    • Choose Off to have the videos never play on their own

My preference is off, I can only watch the first three seconds of the new 50 Shades of Grey trailer so many times.

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3 Steps to Add Some Flair to Your New LinkedIn Profile Picture

Back in October LinkedIn announced a new layout for its users profiles.  Currently the new profiles are on an opt-in basis and aren’t available immediately, however in the near future everyone’s profiles will be swapped to reflect the new changes.  If you’d like to request the change to happen sooner you can do so here.  The first thing I noticed after getting the new profile upgrade was that the profile picture was not only displayed larger, but the annoying grey border had disappeared.

This gave me an idea on how to make my profile picture pop a little bit more, by adding a drop shadow.  A drop shadow is generally described as an opaque grey “shadow” beneath an image or text to give it the look of it somehow popping off of the page a bit.


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